highgate cemetary

Highgate Cemetery : a mysterious place in London

Discover a place as you will not see anywhere else, little used, yet it conceals monuments with unique charm, and this in a peaceful atmosphere. At Universal Tour Guide we love to share unusual ideas . Created in 1939, the cemetery was not always so interesting and so beautiful. Indeed, it was only in the […]

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gift idea for Christmas

5 gifts ideas to offer to a traveler for Christmas

Christmas is approaching ! If your family loves to travel, here is a selection of gift ideas to offer : 1. The world map to scratch How not to start with this classic, this reference to offer to a traveller ? The world map scratch has a simple principle. After a trip, you will scratch […]

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Christmas Paris

What to do in Paris during Christmas ?

The Christmas holidays are almost here ! So the question arises: What to do in Paris with the children in December and January? Want to meet Santa, make a magic show, slide on snow or visting Paris ? Then forward the program, you will discover some ideas of activities to do during Christmas in Paris […]

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visit London

City guide : discover London in two days

You only have two days to visit the British capital? You want to do the maximum in a short time? Do not panic, here is a suggestion program with the main attractions of London located on two days ! Day 1: Experiencing London In the morning we advice you to visit the town center. To […]

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restaurant Paris

Top 3 restaurants to try in Paris

If you come to Paris, this is also to discover the French gastronomy. The capital is full of restaurants to discover. The guides of Universal Tour Guide have selected the 3 best restaurants in the capital : 1. Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée Alain Ducasse, the famous Chief to the twenty-eight restaurants in the […]

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roma visit

Top 5 museums in Rome

The Italian capital is a stunning blend of archaeological sites, churches, museums and modern art. If you are planning a trip in Rome, here are the 5 best museums to visit in Rome : 1. The Galleria Borghese Nestled in the greenery of the Villa Borghese park, the Borghese Gallery has one of the richest […]

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Top 5 museums in Paris

Autumn is here, winter is approaching and the sun hides. This is a good time to discover the Parisian museums. However, Paris has many museums and it is not easy to choose. To help you in your journey to Paris, here is our selection of the top 5 museums not to be missed. 1. The […]

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roma visit

City guide : Rome in one day

So, you have only one day to visit Roma ? Here is an exciting and complete program for those who wish to dicover the main attractions of the city in 24 hours. Wheither you are in a cruise stopover in Roma or simply passing through the city, in one day you will discover many monuments […]

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expiatory chapel

5 unusual places to visit absolutely in Paris

The beauty of Paris and its uniqueness are in the extraordinary diversity of places that you can visit. Once admired the Eiffel Tower or experienced the typical Parisian charm of the Seine, Paris offers some secret places as confidential that surprising. Places that invite meditation sometimes, other times the tranquility, and are a true way […]

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activities in London

3 unusual activities to do in London

You dream of visiting the British capital otherwise ? You want to discover atypical places ? Here are 5 unique activities to do in London ! 1. Shoreditch & Street Art Venture into east London and immerse yourself in an area flooded by graffiti: the Shoreditch. An artistic atmosphere and quirky reigns in this former […]

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