7 things to know before going to Rome !

Are you planning on going to Roma?

If so, have a look at this article. We listed seven of the things you should better know before going there!

Make a wish at Fontana di Trevi only!

If you want to make a wish by throwing a coin in a fountain, make sure that you are the Fontana Di Trevi, every Roman knows that it is the only one where your dream will come true. And most of all, don’t forget to NOT put your feet in any fountain! It is disrespectful and it is forbidden.

Make sure to be well-dressed for your visits into churches

Avoid too short clothing. You are not allowed to go into the Vatican with clothes that are not covering enough ! You must have your knees, shoulders and breast covered if you want to enter those religious monuments. It’s a sign of respect for the religious people and a kind of culture of the Vatican.

To keep the elegance of the city, put your rubbish in the bin.

The city is a beautiful area where the Italian people are really into the environment. That’s why you must put any of your rubbish on the floor; wait until you find a bin and the city will keep its elegance and beauty for a long time. It takes also part of the city’s culture. It is always a pleasure for everybody to go in a city where everything is clean and you don’t have to be careful on where to walk with a lot of rubbish on the ground.

Keep your belongings hidden, they are pick-pockets!

Don’t put any valuable objects such as your wallet in your back-jean’s pocket; keep an eye on your personal objects in a crowd. As in every big touristic city, a lot of pickpockets are doing their scheming by pair even with children or old people. Don’t panic and just keep an eye on your personal stuff and you will enjoy a prefect holiday.

Go to free sights, they are plenty!

  • The Pantheon
  • Roman’s forum from the Capitol’s hill
  • Fontana di Trevi
  • Maxime’s Circus
  • Piazza del Colosseo : outside of the Coliseum
  • Piazza Navona

Visit these different sights for free! You will discover and explore a lot of new things you didn’t know before. It’s your chance to go and a look at those historical monuments and places that have a lot of history to tell: the history of Rome extends over more than twenty-eight centuries, since its mythical foundation by Romulus in 753 BC. AD

Get a public transport pass, it will be much easier for you

You will save some of your time if you plan to take a public transport pass and doing so, you will have more time to visit and admire the beauty of the city. It will also be easier for you than taking the car because you won’t need to look for a parking or what. You can buy a 3-, 7- or 30-day pass that you can use during your stay in Roma. Most of them include buses, metro and trams, more than practice, it’s cheaper, going from 11€ for 3 days to 30€ for a month. Named the Roma Pass.

If not, you can rent a scooter that you pay by day ! (Preferably a Vespa to cultivate the clichés !)

Go up the summit of Saint-Peter’s Basilica and admire the stunning view!

Either you go up the 550 steps to the summit for 5€ or either you take the elevator for 7€ and you go to the top of the Saint-Pierre’s cupola. Opened from 8:00am to 5:00pm from October to March and until 6:00pm from April to September. Enjoy the 360° view of all Roma.

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