Top places to do shopping in Rome

Rome is one of the most touristic cities in the world. Visitors come from all continents in search of culture, gastronomy and History. But Rome is also one of the capitals of shopping in the World ! We will see here which are the best places to go shopping in Rome.

Luxury shopping in Rome : Via Frattina, Via dei Condotti, Via Borgognona

First of all, let’s talk about luxury shopping ! Often seen as the more expensive streets of Rome, it can be compared with the Champs Elysées’ luxurious style with all the Hermes, Versace and more! One could say that “The Tridente” is the neighborhood of stylish bars, designer boutiques and chic restaurants. As a matter of facts, it is the most exclusive place in town. It is also a very cultural district where the ancient Roman stone constructions remain witness of time in a contemporary setting. of course, this kind of shopping is not for all tastes, or even for every budget…!

Via Dei Condotti, Rome© David Paul Ohmer – Wikimedia Commons

Via Dei Condotti, Rome© Carlo Raso – FlickR

All budget shopping in Rome : Via del Corso

Now, secondly, let’s talk about an all budget shopping area ! With more than a kilometer and a half of shops in the center of Rome for all budgets, the Via del Corso is one of the most popular shopping streets of the capital. It is, also, a very nice walk because the street goes straight from Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo. Numerous palaces, historical and cultural buildings line this street where the famous Carnival of Rome was held until 1874 such as the Catholic Churches “Chiesa di San Giacomo in Augusta”and “Chiesa di Gesù e Maria”, the Fontana di Piazza Colonna and more.

Via Del Corso, place to do shopping in Rome© Dguendel – Wikimedia Commons

Popular shopping in Rome : Via del Pellegrino

There was a time when it was the street of craft and gold stores. Nowadays, those stores have almost all been replaced by more modern shops that have retained the popular Roman style. You will find shops of handmade items, whether it is decoration or clothing, shoes, bags of the most famous Roman designers of the moment.

Via del pellegrino, shopping in Rome

Art shopping in Rome : Via Margutta

Art lovers, stop here! Many galleries await you along the Via Margutta. Whether you like contemporary art or antiquities, this street will satisfy you. It is a rather narrow street where one plunges into the Rome of before with its old workshops of craftsmen and former stables. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was already the residence of painters Augusto Mussini and Grégoire Maltzeff. Don’t forget to go and see the (1927) where you will see the famous SPQR sign.

Local shopping in Rome : Piazza Campo de’ Fiori

One of the most mundane places in the capital, the Piazza Campo de’ Fiori hosts a very famous and animated fruit and vegetable market; There are also fish shops and many restaurants where you will have the chance to taste great local dishes! All around the place are small authentic clothing stores, delicatessen shops for the most gourmand of you and the the famous movie theater Farnese.

Campo de Fiori, Rome

Campo de Fiori Market© Jorge Royan – Wikimedia Commons

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