Top places to do shopping in Rome

Rome is one of the most touristic cities in the world. Visitors come from all continents in search of culture, gastronomy and History. But Rome is also one of the capitals of shopping in the World ! We will see here which are the best places to go shopping in Rome. Luxury shopping in Rome […]

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woman traveling

Women and travelling

It has always been stated that it’s more difficult to travel as a woman, than as a man (Of course!) Life as it is now is still to be worked on for this parity subject. Nowadays, it seems to be easier as generations go. But in the end, women are always facing more dangers than […]

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gift idea for Christmas

5 gifts ideas to offer to a traveler for Christmas

Christmas is approaching ! If your family loves to travel, here is a selection of gift ideas to offer : 1. The world map to scratch How not to start with this classic, this reference to offer to a traveller ? The world map scratch has a simple principle. After a trip, you will scratch […]

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expiatory chapel

5 unusual places to visit absolutely in Paris

The beauty of Paris and its uniqueness are in the extraordinary diversity of places that you can visit. Once admired the Eiffel Tower or experienced the typical Parisian charm of the Seine, Paris offers some secret places as confidential that surprising. Places that invite meditation sometimes, other times the tranquility, and are a true way […]

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