What to do in Paris? Top 5 Most Frequented Places in the Capital

What to do in paris? An exceptional concentration of 180 museums, hundreds of parks, and monuments await you… there are so many things to see that it may be difficult to navigate through the mass of information. We listed the top 5 most frequented places in the capital. All the figures are from 2016-2018* Notre-Dame […]

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two days in paris

City Guide: Two Days in Paris

If you are looking for a full program for a weekend in the capital, then experience our two days in Paris. Universal Tour Guide offers a flexible itinerary according to your wishes! Family, friends or lovers are more than welcome to take part in this adventure. Cruise on the Seine River and Discover Paris If […]

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Mont St Michel, one day getaway from paris

At Universal Tour Guide, we are currently developing Guided Tours and activities in France. So, my colleague Jacky and I (I am Elsa by the way) were sent to the Mont Saint Michel to see what to do, eat and see! We went there for the day from Paris! Here is what to do if […]

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Mont Saint Michel, escapade d’un jour de Paris

Chez Universal Tour Guide, nous développons actuellement des visites guidées et des activités en France. Ainsi, ma collègue Jacky et moi (moi, c’est Elsa) sommes allées au Mont Saint Michel pour voir ce qu’il fallait faire, manger et découvrir! Nous y sommes allées pour la journée depuis Paris! Voici ce qu’il faut faire si vous […]

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Le meilleur marché de Noël en Europe: Strasbourg

Strasbourg est sans aucun doute l’une des villes les plus charmantes de France. C’est une ville que vous devriez absolument visiter lorsque vous voyagez en France. La ville féérique, située à la frontière allemande, est la capitale de la célèbre région d’Alsace, mais surtout, la capitale mondiale de Noël, et la ville du meilleur marché […]

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Strasbourg Christmas Market

The best Christmas market in Europe : Strasbourg

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Une journée à Paris hors des sentiers battus!

Pourquoi Paris hors des sentiers battus? Disons que vous êtes à Paris pour quelques jours, et que vous voulez vraiment passer UNE journée d’activités originales dans la Ville Lumière. Cet article a été fait pour vous! Paris hors des sentiers battus, visite de passages couverts Il y a des tas de passages “secrets” couverts à […]

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A day in Paris off the beaten track !

Why Paris off the beaten track ? Let’s say that you are in Paris for a few day, and you really want to have ONE day of original activities in the City of Light. Well, this article was made for you ! Paris off the beaten track, visiting Covered Passages There are heaps of covered […]

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Bastille Day in Paris : 5 Best spots to admire the fireworks

On the 14th of July, it is the National Day in France, called Bastille Day too. I am not going to give you an history lecture about that day, but just know that for this occasion, there will be amazing fireworks over the Seine, at the Eiffel Tower! 2017 theme of fireworks is “Paris and […]

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metro parisien

How to take public transport in Paris ?

Hi everyone ! Now. We decided at Universal Tour Guide to write about how to ride the subway in Paris. As a matter of facts, we realized that it is incredible the number of people that we have on the phone at the office, lost in the metro! Of course, one could say:” Why don’t […]

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