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How to take public transport in Paris ?

Hi everyone !

Now. We decided at Universal Tour Guide to write about how to ride the subway in Paris. As a matter of facts, we realized that it is incredible the number of people that we have on the phone at the office, lost in the metro!

parisian metro

Of course, one could say:” Why don’t people ask around them…?” First thing, Parisian are famous for their legendary courtesy and will probably not even answer and pretend you do not exist! That’s kind of a lifestyle around there… 😃

Be aware that the Metro is the best way to get around Paris. The different lines serve most of the best-known locations!
Anyway, here is a guide for taking the metro in Paris just for you!

Tickets for public transport in Paris:

First thing you must think of is to buy your tickets! You can do it directly at most stations. There are different options for you.

T + Ticket: You can buy a “one shot” ticket which costs 1.90 and which only allows you 1 ride. This is the T+ ticket. You can also buy it as a book of 10 for 14.50€. (Personally, I think this is the best solution) The Ticket T + allows you to travel on every subway lines as well as the RER lines (zone 1), most of the bus lines in and around Paris (except airport buses), the tram lines and the Montmartre funicular.

Airport ticket: Join the airports of Paris for 6 to 12€. Either you are going to Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) or Orly (ORY), this is the ticket you will need! For CDG airport, you can take the Roissybus, the RER B or buses 350 & 351.

Mobilis ticket: if you want to move around in the chosen areas during a day, it’s the Mobilis ticket that you need! Mobilis is a daily pass that allows you to travel unlimitedly in selected areas. It costs between 7.30€ and 17.30€, depending on the zones you chose. It looks like a regular ticket, except that it’s not: You must enter on the coupon your name, your first name and the date of use. Don’t throw it by mistake!

Forfait Paris Visite: With the “Paris Visite package”, you can access all the transport networks – metro, tram, bus, RER … – for 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days. It allows you to travel at will in Paris. If you are on holiday in Paris and you want to travel unlimitedly in Paris and around on all public transports, this is the solution you need. Prices depend on the zone and number of days you chose; For example, center of Paris for 2 days will cost 18.95€ !

User manual:

Once you have your ticket, you need to know where you come from and where are going too. Be aware that each line has a color, a number and at least 2 directions.

Let me explain: I am going to my weird aunty that breeds snails in the 11th district, in her studio Rue de La Roquette. I am, myself buying 2nd hand books near Notre-Dame. It means that I will go from the station “Saint Michel Notre Dame” to the station “Voltaire”! So I will need to take 2 different lines : line 4, direction Porte de Clignancourt and line 9, direction Mairie de Montreuil.

My point is: you need to know what station is the closest from where you are AND from your destination, what lines will bring you there, and what direction to take ! Once you figure that out, you have already understood everything!

Metro map by RATP

Metro Tips :

Riding the Metro for the first time is like driving in a foreign country: just look up and follow the signs! There are metro maps available at every station!

Exits are numbered. If you are in a big station, look for the “exit maps” on the platforms or outside the gates. It shows you which exit will get you the closest to your destination.

Each direction for each line has its own platform, which means that you just have to find the right platform for your trip !

Don’t throw your used tickets before going out of the fare gates. And try not to mix up used and news tickets !

There are some stations like Palais-Royal-Musée-du-Louvre, or Arts et Métiers which have special decorations.

transport in paris Palais-Royal-Musée-du-Louvre

Special Station decoration

Arts-et-Métiers station metro paris

PS : You are in France. If you take the escalator, stay on the right!

PS2 : For others tips on Paris, it’s here !

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