highgate cemetary

Highgate Cemetery : a mysterious place in London

Discover a place as you will not see anywhere else, little used, yet it conceals monuments with unique charm, and this in a peaceful atmosphere. At Universal Tour Guide we love to share unusual ideas .

Created in 1939, the cemetery was not always so interesting and so beautiful. Indeed, it was only in the 70s that an association decided to take over and maintain it.

You will find this place in the neighborhood Highgate, in the north of London, and near Camden. To get there, you can take the bus, line C2, direct to Oxford Circus.

Do not miss this place! This is simply the most beautiful cemetery in London, and perhaps of the entire UK. The wildest and most magical part is the western part of the cemetery. Many graves are witness to stories of the Victorian era. You will encounter a truly special atmosphere worthy of a film set.

And yes the place has such a rich history, as tours are organized. The tour hides many surprises, you will see the graves of Karl Marx, the family of Charles Dickens Lucian Freud (painter, grand-son of Sigmund Freud), Michael Faraday (physicist) … We will tell you are all full of anecdotes about the different personalities that are there and you will enjoy the magical atmosphere that emanates from this place out of time. Fans of Celtic crosses and legendary forests will be delighted!

Note however that this is a cemetery still used today, where it is not uncommon to see funerals. For this reason, it is necessary to have a sober and suitable clothing.

So how about entering in this mysterious places the time of a half-day? Have you ever been there ?

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