Paris Fringe Festival

Do not miss : the Paris Fringe Festival !

The Paris Fringe Festival !

From May 18th to May 28th in the earth of Paris get to know the Paris Fringe festival of international theatre in English! After the success of the first session in 2016, the festival expands to 2 districts of Paris : 9th and 10th !

Fringe theatre is a kind of experimental theatre. Fringe’s focus is on the performing arts: Theater, dance, spoken word and much more.


The term comes from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, emerging from the late 40’s, a period marked by the rejection of war and the rise of subcultures. Nowadays, there are Fringe Festivals in many cities of many countries. It was a duty for the City of Light to have its own!

The Paris Fringe Festival has the ambition to bring people together around a team of international theatre makers based in France that organizes this 2nd edition with even more shows, venues and partners.

This year, discover the one man show Plan C: a comedy with plenty of clowning and mime. Go to the Paris Fringe Comedy Night by Eric Bouvron. Then explore your feelings with the Tragicomic solo performance Jubilee!

The performances will happen in many different venues, popular and less known, such as Les Feux de la Rampe theatre, the bibliothèque chaptal and more!

No more spoiler alert, just follow this link for more information!

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