Top 5 museums in Paris

Autumn is here, winter is approaching and the sun hides. This is a good time to discover the Parisian museums. However, Paris has many museums and it is not easy to choose. To help you in your journey to Paris, here is our selection of the top 5 museums not to be missed.

1. The Louvre Museum

Louvre Luxurious King’s apartments guided tour

Louvre museum

Louvre museum

This is one of the most famous museums in Paris. At first sight, this is not the museum which we spontaneously think to see an exhibition; Yet the Louvre well collects treasures he has all year. Permanent exhibits testify to the richness of the collections of the Louvre and the great diversity of artistic practices through time. Upstairs chronologically shows the evolution of human settlement from prehistoric times to the present day. Films, illustrations and models help to better understand the origin of the objects presented. A good way to cultivate rediscovering this prestigious museum. If you want to book a visit for the Louvre it’s here.

2. The Orsay Museum

Housed in the former Orsay railway station, the Orsay Museum is another must-see museum in Paris. You are surely already entered this national museum dedicated to the arts of the period 1848-1914: paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, photography and architecture. Temporary exhibitions are various, but the permanent collections are not left behind; they contain the largest collection of Impressionist works in the world !

3. The Quai Branly Museum

Located just steps from the Eiffel Tower, tucked behind a green wall facing the Seine, the Quai Branly Museum houses nearly 300,000 artworks from non-Western cultures: Africa, Oceania, Asia and America are well represented . Both museum, research center and living space, the place offers rich permanent collections and loaded in the history of international art. Also try the thematic collections as those of Native American art in New France or women travelers through time. An exotic tour especially since the museum offers collections from elsewhere: the Polynesian Va’a, royal palaces of Abomey, archeology of the Andes or the beautiful statues of the Solomon Islands.

4. The Georges Pompidou Center

You are certainly already went to the Pompidou Centre to see famous exhibitions, but have you taken the time to discover the permanent collections including the Museum is full? At the heart of Paris, this museum offers an exceptional view of the art of XX and XXI centuries and includes works of all forms: painting, architecture, photography, cinema, design. The top floor presents the masterpieces of the masters of modern art such as Kandinsky, Matisse, Picasso, Miró, Dalí, Klein and many more … You will discover the great artistic movements of the twentieth century from the cubism to Dadaism. If you’re more contemporary art lover, go to level 4 dedicated to contemporary collection, 1960s to the present day with works by artists like Warhol and Boltanski. And after the visit, you can enjoy a drink in George, design bar at the top of Beaubourg, which offers a beautiful view of Paris.

4. The National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is the right plan for entertaining fun and scientific way. At the heart of the Botanical Gardens, the museum offers complete collections on the evolution of man, starting with the Great Gallery of Evolution. Under a huge skylight, there is the spectacular parade of stuffed animals: awesome! Around the permanent collection tells a very educational way the diversity of the living world and if you like gemstones, visit the Mineralogy Gallery where you will see Martian meteorites and other giant crystals. As for the dinosaurs, you will find the Gallery of Comparative Anatomy and Paleontology, next to Gare d’Austerlitz. Here, fossil vertebrates and invertebrates from the major missions of the eighteenth naturalists. The National Museum of Natural History also contains collections of insects and stuffed animals, natural sciences and the various artistic movements such as neo-classicism and romanticism. There is something for every taste !

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