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Spend a Day in Greenwich and Discover a World Heritage Site

If you’re looking for some ideas about what to do in London, then visit Greenwich! If you’ve never heard about it, this article will help you better understand the origin of this place and the activities you can do in that borough of London.

Experiences in London!

Did You Say Greenwich?

Yes, you surely know that place as it is the home of the Prime Meridian. Just to remind you, that line divides the eastern and western hemispheres of the Earth – just as the Equator divides the northern and southern hemispheres. The Prime Meridian is located at the Royal Observatory. The best way for you to go there is to get on board a River Thames bus service and to disembark at Greenwich Pier. Of course, it is not the only thing to see there but we advise you to start with it, as you need to climb up the hill of Greenwich Park. There you can enjoy one of the best views of London and you can stand on the Prime Meridian Line!

view from greenwich park

the observatory in greenwich park

lots of squirrels in greenwich park

Things to Do in Greenwich

While you’re on the top of the hill, take time to visit the Royal Observatory which is also called the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Furthermore, if you are interested in astronomy you can explore space at the Peter Harrison Planetarium. Highly recommended for kids and adults alike! Otherwise, you can enjoy a nice walk in the park and head to the National Maritime Museum. There you will be able to see some artefacts from ships and more about some historic maritime battles. This is a must visit, not only is it free but there is something for everyone in the family!

maritime museum in greenwich

queen's house in greenwich

architectural centrepiece of maritime greenwich

greenwich old royal naval college

Let’s Have a Break!

If you’re looking for an excellent place to find something that you have never tasted or seen before, then go to Greenwich Market. Very friendly place with a wide cross section of stalls and a first-class selection of street food! The market also has individual shops selling art, games, jewellery, antiques, crafts… Greenwich Market is not only delightful, in a truly vibrant part of London, but is a wonderful example of how markets have evolved to survive. Don’t forget to check the opening hours!

greenwich market

Highlight of Greenwich

Five minutes’ walk from the market, we recommend you to climb aboard the Cutty Sark. That British clipper ship, one of the last tea clippers to be built and one of the fastest, is a must stop when spending a day in Greenwich. There are lots of things to look at and experience, as well as a café downstairs. Suitable for the whole family – your children will definitely keep occupied by exploring and playing with the merchant history, and the trade around the world.

climb aboard the cutty sark in greenwich

sheep wool in the cutty sark in greenwich

deck of the cutty sark in greenwich

Finally, Greenwich is full of fantastic pubs, dotted with several super restaurants, as well as a small playhouse that puts on some great theatre. There are also many festivals throughout the year, so it’s always worth a look to see what’s going on!

river thames view from greenwich wharf

We have other tips waiting for you if you want to have more information about London. Don’t hesitate to check our London blog page!

Experiences in London!

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