two days in paris

City guide : discover Paris in two days

You come to Paris for two days and you are looking for a full program for a weekend in the capital. Universal Tour Guide offers a flexible itinerary according to your wishes for a getaway with family, friends or lovers.

If you live your first Parisian experience, we advise you for your first day to begin with our Paris River Cruise & Cathedral Notre Dame Tour. During this sightseeing cruise, you will float along the Seine and you will see the most famous sites of the city. Keep your camera ready to take pictures of the famous Iron Lady, the Eiffel Tower. Juste before this cruise, you will have the luck to visit the Cathedral Notre Dame, the most famous cathedral of the word.

For the lunch, go to eat around the cathedral. There are a lot of restaurants but be careful about the prices. After the lunch, you can go to visit the beautiful Eiffel Tower and take pictures from the Trocadero. The night, you can go to see a Cabaret like The Lido or Moulin Rouge but you need to book your tickets before.

For you second day, early in the morning, stop at the metro Cardinal Lemoine, and walk along the Rue Monge. Do not miss the famous and unexpected Arenes de Lutece. This Gallo-Roman amphitheater and the arena was used for performances such bloody gladiator fights and hunts of wild beasts. After sharing the emotion of the gladiators in the arena, discover the National Museum of Natural History located in the Jardin des Plantes. In the afternoon discover the village of Montmartre, one of the most beautiful places in Paris. Do not miss a visit of the Basilica of Sacre Coeur and feel free to wander through the beautiful streets. If you looking for a good restaurant Montmartre, we advise you to eat at the restaurant “Le Moulin de la Galette”. You will discover a hidden garden and the french food is very good.

You will have many things to do and see in Paris. Feel free to discover our activities in Paris on our website Universal Tour Guide.


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