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Best Things to do in London in One Day

Here are our list of Best things to do in London in one day! There are plenty of things to do in London, and if you use your time effectively, you will be able to see all of the best sights in as little as one day. That is why you probably need a tour guide such as ours at Universal Tour Guide. We will take care of all the planning and choreographed behind-the-scenes stuff so that you can worry about things such as whether you should get the London Bridge keyring or the Buckingham Palace paperweight !

Best things to do in London: the museums

The British Museum

If you are in London, you will want to visit the British Museum. It is full of architectural wonder and is where you will find some of the most well-known antiques in the world. If you are trying to stretch your budget, it is also free to visit. Here you will find the Elgin Marbles, Rosetta Stone and the Lindow Man.

Inside the British Museum of London

The National Gallery

The National Gallery, located in Trafalgar Square, is a vast labyrinth of paintings from the 13th to 19th centuries. There are paintings from the Italian Renaissance, and there are also French Impressionist works of art. There are 2,300 in-house pieces, and you will even find famous paintings such as Botticelli’s “Venus and Mars” and Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers.”

Outside the National Gallery of London

Best things to do in London: the views

The London Eye

The giant Ferris Wheel, also known as The London Eye, is located on the River Thames and is the perfect way to get those beautiful panoramic pictures for your photo album. It reaches heights of over 400 feet high, so if you have a fear of heights this may not be the best way for you to take your pictures, but you will get a 360-degree view of London that just can’t be beaten.

London Eye by night

The London Bridge

Sone if the best things to do in London are free such as this attraction. The London Bridge is one of the most famous bridges and London attractions in the whole world. It is about 2,000 years old. You may also know it from the famous children’s nursery rhyme. It is also located close to the Tower

The famous London Tower Bridge

Best things to do in London: the most British places

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a medieval church that has hosted many weddings and coronations. It is also the resting place of Charles Dickins, Geoffrey Chaucer, and Rudyard Kipling, all famous authors. You can even visit the shared tomb of enemies and half-sister Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor.

Front of Westminster Abbey

The Tower of London

You will also want to visit the Tower of London. The tower is made of multiple towers, and 12 are open to the public. You can also enjoy the famous crown jewels exhibition where you will see the Imperial State Crown which was worn by the queen.

Buckingham Palace

You do not want to miss the famous and vast Buckingham Palace which is the home of Queen Elizabeth II. On your tour, you will be able to explore the 19 State Rooms, and you will also get to see the Throne Room where Prince William and Catherine Middleton were wedded. You can also attend the famous changing of the Guards!

Guard standing in front of Buckingham Palace

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace

Best things to do in London: shopping places

The Portobello Road Market

You should also stop by the Portobello Road Market that is filled with over 1,000 merchants selling everything from flea market finds to delectable food. There you will also find many antiques and English items. Browsing the many booths of this market is one best things to do in London, and you will be sure to find some really great souvenirs.

Portobello Road Market

The Piccadilly Circus

The Piccadilly Circus is another must-see things to do in London, and it is the gateway to London’s bustling West End. It is the equivalent to New York’s Times Square. It’s where five roads meet and is the daily commute for many people on their way to work as well as shoppers and club hoppers. A lot of activity going on here!

There are countless things to do and see in London. You will want to make the most of your time. Picking a tour from Universal Tour Guide is a great way to do this. There are many Things to do in London since there is no shortage of London attractions. You don’t want to wait to book a tour and to start seeing all the great sights.

When you book a tour, you are getting so much more than a guided tour. You will also get help with transportation, such as charter services, airport transfers, meeting and restaurant transfers. Universal Tour Guide offers package tours for small groups as well as quality hotels, transportation to arrival, and sightseeing activities. We will take care of everything. You can relax and enjoy your trip to London.

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