Bastille Day in Paris : 5 Best spots to admire the fireworks

On the 14th of July, it is the National Day in France, called Bastille Day too. I am not going to give you an history lecture about that day, but just know that for this occasion, there will be amazing fireworks over the Seine, at the Eiffel Tower! 2017 theme of fireworks is “Paris and the Olympic Games” OF COURSE!

The spectacular firework display will take place from 11PM and for half an hour. Everyone is invited to join the party! There will be many people so here is our advice: come early and pick your spot before the crowd does.

Universal Tour guide listed the best places to admire the multicolored firework of France National Day in Paris.

Bir Hakeim Bridge

The bridge of Bir-Hakeim, formerly bridge of Passy, is a Parisian bridge crossing the Seine, built in 1878. The famous bridge has the perfect location to admire the sparkling spectacle. It is ideally close to the Eiffel Tower, and overlooking the Seine River. Be careful though! There are always many people on the bridge during the fireworks, so pick your spot early enough! The other way is to pick the metro, line 6, at the right time which provides picturesque view above ground. Its path is traced over the bridge and sometimes, if you are lucky enough, the driver of the train stops there so that all passengers can enjoy the sparkling lights.

Pont Bir Hakeim

Pont Bir Hakeim

Picture @Bricot Valentin WikiCommons

Picture @Mbzt WikiCommons

Champs de Mars

The Champ-de-Mars park extends between the Ecole Militaire and the Eiffel Tower. Since 1780, it is a center of major national events. You can access it freely! The park offers the most beautiful view on the Eiffel Tower. At nightfall, come and admire the flickering fireworks on the lawns of the park.

Pics @Universal Tour Guide

Les Vedettes de Paris

For an unforgettable moment, take a ticket for the Vedettes of Paris, and have a delightful cruise over the Seine! The boats of Paris will take you to the foot of the Eiffel Tower for you to get the chance to admire the show.

Passerelle Debilly

Debilly footbridge is a bridge for pedestrians and bicycles located in the center of Paris and crossing the Seine not far from the Eiffel Tower. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, it is the perfect point of view to take panoramic pictures of the fireworks!

Pics @Universal Tour Guide

Montparnasse Tower panoramic terrace

The Panoramic Observatory of the Montparnasse Tower is, above all, one of the most beautiful views you can have on the City of Light. From its 56 floors, the Montparnasse tower offers a breathtaking view of the Parisian panorama. You have access to the 56th floor which is covered and to the panoramic terrace outdoors. For July 14, special tickets will go on sale and will go quick. So, hurry up!

champ de Mars

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And most of all, enjoy your trip !

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