places to visit in Roma

5 places to visit absolutely in Rome

All the roads lead to Rome … Why not spend a few days there? We can only advise you! The eternal city, mixing past and present, has many faces to offer. It is up to you to let seduction operate. You could spend months without getting tired but a few days will allow you already […]

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eiffel tower

24h in Paris : advice and tips

Rich in history, heritage and with its unique identity, Paris is full of real treasures. There are these majestic palaces throughout the capital, these many museums which are among the most visited in the world, and there are these living and independant quarters, so different from each other, with a very special soul that are […]

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London museum

Discover the 5 best museums in London

Unique and strong of a rich and well-supplied history, London has things to tell us. No wonder then that the English capital offers more than 240 different museums to visit, from classic themes to the most unusual, making it one of the densest cities in the world. With a majority of these museums that welcome […]

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London new year's eve

What to do in London for the New Year ?

London is a special place on the eve of the New Year. The city is adorned with lights and establishments in the capital are doing everything possible to make this a memorable evening Eve, then take all your relatives and come to welcome 2017. There is a multitude of activities to do in London on […]

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new year Paris

What to do in Paris for the New Year ?

December 31th is the most festive evening of the year. Some stay at home, or invite friends at home, but tens of thousands of people prefer to go out to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. At the restaurant, in a cabaret, a discotheque, a performance hall, or just at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, […]

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two days in paris

One night in Paris to do the best !

Once upon a time, in the City of Light, were thousands of places to see but not much time to spend… If you are in Paris for a night and you want to do the maximum, we planned a little something for you… The sun is coming down (depending on the season) and you are […]

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woman traveling

Women and travelling

It has always been stated that it’s more difficult to travel as a woman, than as a man (Of course!) Life as it is now is still to be worked on for this parity subject. Nowadays, it seems to be easier as generations go. But in the end, women are always facing more dangers than […]

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Top 5 best restaurants to try in London

The British capital is a paradise for gourmets! We have selected for you our 5 favorites restaurants not to be missed if you are going to London. #1. Zuma The phenomenon of Japanese cuisine, conquered London like all Western culture. The choice here is impressive. One of the most famous Japanese luxury restaurants is called […]

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highgate cemetary

Highgate Cemetery : a mysterious place in London

Discover a place as you will not see anywhere else, little used, yet it conceals monuments with unique charm, and this in a peaceful atmosphere. At Universal Tour Guide we love to share unusual ideas . Created in 1939, the cemetery was not always so interesting and so beautiful. Indeed, it was only in the […]

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gift idea for Christmas

5 gifts ideas to offer to a traveler for Christmas

Christmas is approaching ! If your family loves to travel, here is a selection of gift ideas to offer : 1. The world map to scratch How not to start with this classic, this reference to offer to a traveller ? The world map scratch has a simple principle. After a trip, you will scratch […]

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