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April Specials – Temporary exhibitions in London

April Specials – Temporary exhibitions in London

For you, who are travelling to London those days, here is a special selection of the temporary exhibitions taking place in April in the City! The capital of the British Empire has many things to offer…

Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity

National Maritime Museum

Until April 17th

Emma Hamilton is known for her exceptional fate. Known as Emma Hart, Lady Hamilton and other names, she used to work in a brothel. She was a famous actress and model. She is also known to have been the mistress of Lord Horatio Nelson (while they were both married) and the model of the painter George Romney.

She was one of the most famous international celebrities of her time with her “attitudes”. As she became the obsession of the Britis

Pictures – George Romney painting of Lady Hamilton


London Transport Museum

Until April 23th

If you go to London Transport Museum do not hesitate to have a look at the “Designology” exhibition. It is a great way to explore the way design is use in everyday journeys. As you go to work, to a night out with friends or even to visit a museum, as soon as you take London metropolis, you will face the use of design without noticing it! The exhibition shows how this evolved during the last century, and how it can affect our travel experiences in the future.

Pictures – Pixabay

Fire! Fire!

Museum of London

Until April 17th

In 1666 in London, A violent fire ravaged the center of the city from Sunday, September the 2nd to Wednesday, September the 5th… 13.200 houses, 87 parish churches, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and most of the city’s public buildings were destroyed. The number of direct victims of fire is very small: between 8 to 10. But many deaths followed, from anger and cold after that.

The Museum of London welcome you to learn more about London before, during and after the Great Fire of 1666 in an interactive exhibition marking the 350th anniversary of this infamous disaster.

Pictures – Wikipedia Commons

Solar Superstorms

Royal Observatory

All month

Take a journey into the burning, raging heart of the Sun with Benedict Cumberbatch the English actor who has narrated numerous documentaries for the National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

The Sun is the star of the Solar System in many ways. It is the sun that makes possible life on Earth by the contribution of light energy and thermal energy. This enormous ball of gas is the reason for our presence on earth

On the surface of the Sun, strange phenomena are happening: Solar storm, high-speed jets, electrified gas loops. What drives these strange phenomena? How will they affect planet Earth? Learn more at The Royal Observatory.

Pictures – Pixabay

People Power: Fighting for Peace

Imperial War Museum of London

Until August 28th

People Power: Fighting for peace will lead you into a deep journey about peace movements and their influence in the perception of war and major conflicts. From the first World War to the present day, numerous conflicts have been counteracted by anti-war cause, from conscientious objectors to peace camps and modern day marches.

The exhibition regroups more than 300 objects as paintings, posters, badges, music and many more.

Picture – People Power: Fighting for Peace

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