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5 unusual places to visit absolutely in Paris

The beauty of Paris and its uniqueness are in the extraordinary diversity of places that you can visit. Once admired the Eiffel Tower or experienced the typical Parisian charm of the Seine, Paris offers some secret places as confidential that surprising. Places that invite meditation sometimes, other times the tranquility, and are a true way to discover another Paris.

1. The Alpine Garden

Previously “garden plants of mountains”, the Alpine Garden, nestled in the magnificent botanical garden, is the opportunity of an original nature walk in the heart of Paris. A space of discovery and unique preservation in Paris on nearly 4000 m2.

2. The Expiatory Chapel

Far from the Parisian flagship monuments, the Expiatory Chapel allows to explore one of the darkest facets of Paris: the French Revolution and the Terror. Raised in the same place or were buried Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, it’s one of the secrets of the capital monuments.

3. The Little Belt

Old railway track built around Paris in the mid 19th century, the Little Belt of Paris is gradually rehabilitated gardens all over Paris. Walk in a wild flora in the “nature trail” of the 16th district, or family and intimate walk in the Little Belt 15th, another way to see Paris.

4. The Deyrolle House

In the district of Sèvres-Babylone, the ancient Deyrolle House is both a cabinet of curiosities, museum Taxidermy and a Mecca for collectors. The first floor, exposing an extraordinary collection of animals, is a place that fascinates by its aesthetics and the richness of these objects. Do not miss it !

5. The Arab World Institute

The Arab World Institute is not in itself a secret location in Paris. What is more is its terrace on the top floor with one of the best views of Paris. An original view of the Marais and Notre-Dame-de-Paris, and a real alternative to the popular square of Montmartre.

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