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5 gifts ideas to offer to a traveler for Christmas

Christmas is approaching ! If your family loves to travel, here is a selection of gift ideas to offer :

1. The world map to scratch

How not to start with this classic, this reference to offer to a traveller ? The world map scratch has a simple principle. After a trip, you will scratch the country where you went. Simple, and awfully good! If you had to give a gift, it would probably be this one … especially the price is very low, with less than 20 euros!

2. The Travel Journal

Nothing better than a well done travel journal to write stories at the end of the world not? Again a soft prices, still less than 20 euros.

3. To film adventures : GoPro

Travelling the world, that’s good. To film adventures and show them to family later is better! For this, the GoPro Black Edition 5 is truly the gift of gold. This model incorporates a particularly useful touch screen for viewing videos, and offers exceptional image quality when you see the compactness of the box!

4. To stay connected: the resistant external charger

Smartphone batteries are not always very powerful and will not hold up after a day taking photos of beautiful scenery. And that’s why we will share this external charger ultra resistant to rain, dust, and so on … And that is recharged through the sun if desired, or more typically by power. Ultra convenient, right? And the price is quite mild compared to product use: around 40 euros.

5. For suitcase : A scale of travel

Very handy for traveling, this small and very portable digital scale, can weigh luggage easily and it will avoid having such surpluses at the airport. Really the top and cheap, since for less than 15 euros!

If you have other gift ideas, do not hesitate to share it in comments ! 🙂



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