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Top 3 restaurants to try in Paris

If you come to Paris, this is also to discover the French gastronomy. The capital is full of restaurants to discover. The guides of Universal Tour Guide have selected the 3 best restaurants in the capital :

1. Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée

Alain Ducasse, the famous Chief to the twenty-eight restaurants in the world regained the third star lost in 2015 because of too daring cuisine marked by naturalness, lack of red meat and the displayed balance of fish, vegetables, cereals conjugated Japanese influence: vegetable gardens of Versailles and crushed mustard, blue lobster, sea baked potatoes, turbot scales tian and curdled ewe cereals and strawberry tree honey … All this a rigorous counting served in a white and gold decor, furniture, lighting, space unmatched catering in Paris. A feast for the senses that pay.

2. The Meurice

In the magnificent palace of the Tuileries, the oldest in Paris (1835), which was the home of Salvador Dali on the first floor, the restaurant all the way marble Versailles, hardly improved by designating the Philippe Starck, has inherited a new Chief Auvergne, Jocelyn Herland, came from Dorchester in London, which has maintained the brief description of the dishes reduced to products used: bar, citrus, fennel or pigeon early vegetables or chicken and morels. This is the knowledgeable waiters describe the look, taste, cooking, sauces … Yes, appetite comes by hearing what stimulates the imagination. A cuisine, all imbued with the civilization of the table.

3. The Sylvestre

Former professor at the cooking school of Alain Ducasse, Sylvestre Wahid, French Pakistani, succeeded Jean-François Trap on the floor of the brewery Thoumieux, a good address. Just installed this artist trim was awarded two stars in this intimate boudoir of a charm. Cake Roscoff refreshed caviar, Saint-Jacques diving Squash and truffles, suckling lamb with eggplant, lemon tart and chocolate. A highlight table.

We are sure that you will enjoy the french gastronomy in Paris !

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