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A story by Laetitia, host at Universal Tour Guide

I work with Universal Tour Guide because I love the guided tours they offer. In general people don’t stay very long in Paris. That’s why it is very important to not lose time on long lines…

I am 100% sure that a visit is more interesting with the comments of a guide! Universal Tour Guide is giving the customers a real good service and I am very proud to work with this company. I also like the « human dimension » of this company.


I work in tourism because I like to speak different languages. I like to meet different people from different countries too. The human relationships are very interesting. And that is beautiful to share a wonderful moment of Paris with people. Sometimes when the customers will talk about the trip they had, the monuments they saw and the hotels they inhabited, they may mention the « great guide” .

My favorite town is Alcossebre (a small town in Spain). I love spain…the landscape is wonderful, they do excellent paellas, and the people there are fantastic.

My favorite monument in Paris is The Sacred Heart Basilica in Montmartre. It is my favorite quarter of Paris. I love the village and the special ambiance here…


For me travelling is important to discover another culture, places, food… I do not think that it is absolutely necessary to go far away from home to discover different things.

Just be curious and always see things with children’s eyes…  It is the way that you see things that makes the trip wonderful.

Pascaline Marie

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